Colorful is our favorite color


We keep our styles simple and let the colors do the talking.


We work tirelessly to ensure that every shade and every glow is rich and striking. All colors are carefully dyed into the product to gain an extra feeling of vibrancy to the fabric.


Our shades are inspired by distinct scenes and details found directly around us or indirectly in our fantasies.

Optical White

Clear and serene as the sky when it's cloudy. Bright, pure and uncomplicated.

Ivory White

Ivory White is inspired by the quarries in the Apuan Alps where the most prestigious marble is carved.

Desert Khaki

Think of warm, idyllic Saharan dunes. But in the darker end of the scale giving it a more powerful appearance.

Warm Taupe

A classic, warm and natural shade of color pending between brown and grey.

Sahara Camel

Our Sahara Camel is inspired by the shades found in the biggest desert on our planet, Sahara, The Greatest Desert. A great shade of brown as a celebration to this raw environment.

Coffee Brown

When opening a bag of fresh coffee beans, the subtle deep brown shades of the beans is reflected in our Coffee Brown.

Limestone Grey

Inspired by the rocky beaches in Denmark. With all the natural elements leaving them round, cold and salty along the shores.

Snow Melange

Inspired by the enormous and mysterious mountains that rises above the surrounding land covered in snow.

Heather Grey

Taken from the different shades of grey found on a rocky hill side. Our Heather Grey has the balance of these shades. A rock is never just grey.

Storm Grey

As deep, dark and powerful as the autumn storms and high contrast clouds.

Lava Grey

A deep and raw looking shade of grey. Inspired by waves of darkened lava.

Deep Black

Our Deep Black dye is a well balanced rich black with a matte feel to it. Inspired by the opaque obscurity of anything onyx.

Polar Blue

The South Pole is where the purest blue is found. Our Polar Blue is inspired from the compression of pure snow, which then develops into glacial ice.

Steel Blue

Inspired by galvanized steel. Corrosion resistant, raw, long lasting and beautiful in it’s changing hues.

Stone Blue

A color inspired by the harsh and cold Scandinavian winters.

Royal Blue

The Royal Blue, a shade of blue, often associated with the royal courts of Scandinavia.

Petrol Blue

The force of nature is seen all throughout the world, dark skies and the electric smell that comes just before a thunderstorm sets in.

Navy Blue

Inspired by the undeniable elegance of the deep shades of the big oceans.

Soft Lavender

Standing in a lavender field, our Soft Lavender is a soft soothing purple.

Ultra Violet

Upwards and onwards. We humans have always indulged in exploration. Ultra Violet is a representation of the colorful frontier of space exploration.

Faded Pink

Taking you back to memories of warm southern beaches, where everything is faded by sea salt and sun light.

Flamingo Pink

Soft and sophisticated pink. As natural and well-balanced as feathers.

Bubblegum Pink

Think pink perfection. A bright and bold color, made to stand out from the crowd.

Raspberry Pink

Raspberry Pink, the shock and awe of a beautiful sunset, and the mellow tones left on weathered buildings in the urban landscape.

Scarlet Red

Like the iconic K2 phone kiosks that adorn the streets of London, Scarlet Red with its rich color expresses “eye-catching” and “blatant call for attention”.

Oxblood Red

A deep, oxidized, strong shaded dark-red with purple and brown undertones. Like a dark red barn on a cattle ranch in Texas.

Dark Amber

A dark and warm shade inspired by ambers natural beauty found between stones and seaweed in the rough nature.

Burned Orange

Our Burned Orange is inspired by old yet beautiful buildings that have survived, the test of time and weather.

Sunny Orange

A shade of orange which is just as bright and energetic as summer night sun downs.

Burned Yellow

From the busy markets of Marrakech, we found this golden color, under the burning sun, in the woven baskets of spices and herbs.

Paradise Peach

Inspired by peaches and seashells. Paradise Peach, is warm sand between your feet, collecting seashells and indulging in tropical fruits on a holiday destination.

Lemon Yellow

Strong on “vitamins” while cultivated, faded and cared for by the scorching sun. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Soft Yellow

Our Soft Yellow is found on the colorful houses in the old towns of the French Riviera.

Light Aqua

Just as the name implies. The light-hued shade of shallow waters or the water reflection from beautiful pool mosaics.

Faded Mint

From our childhood kitchen garden, faded mint is a sharp, fresh green standing out among the flowerbeds.

Kelly Green

Kelly Green is our homage to the bright green pitches seen all across the world when attending sporting events. Whether you are in the stands or on the field, you cannot deny the beauty of a well kept, fresh green pitch.

Dusty Olive

A raw shade of green, inspired by a weathered metal mostly seen in urban jungles.

Seaweed Green

Inspired by the thousands of seaweed species that grows along shorelines all around the world.

Emerald Green

As rich in color as the mineral itself. We've put in the effort to make Emerald Green as precious to look at.

Ocean Green

Beautiful and sophisticated hues of the deep waters on sand bottoms.

Hunter Green

Based on the natural, deep, matte shades of forest leaves, the hunter green is our interpretation of a classic green.

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